Woodford Primary School joined thousands of schools across the UK in British Science Week, a ten-day celebration of all things Science!

The children had lots of fun exploring this year’s theme of ‘connections’ through hands-on activities and experiments.

Children in Pre-School got stuck in with different experiments.

They loved asking questions, making predictions and testing hypotheses around different activities;

“What will happen if we make a ramp steeper?”

Pre-school experiment with ramps

“What will happen if we mix water and different colours together?”

Pre-School experiment with mixing colours in water

They demonstrated great critical thinking with their ideas and observations!

Children in Reception also developed their scientific thinking by experimenting with ramps.

They rolled different cans down ramps, making predictions about which would go the furthest; coconut milk, chopped tomatoes or dog food.

Reception experiment with cans

They were surprised to find out that some cans rolled faster than others, depending on their shape and weight.

Reception experiment with cans

Pupils across the school enjoyed learning about science and how it connects to their everyday lives.

As well as having lots of fun, they developed skills such as curiosity, creativity, communication and teamwork!

What a fun week, we can’t wait to see what you get up to next year!