Welcome to Pre-School 


We are excited for another fun-filled term of learning and exploration in Pre-School. We will continue to strive to make your child’s first experience in education special and continue to develop their relationship with their teacher and other learning support assistants, who will support them and ensure that their emotional and academic needs are met daily. Our aim is for your children to become confident learners and to carry their love of learning throughout their lives. 

Meet the team:

Mrs Whitehead – Class Teacher

Mrs Bradshaw – Learning Support Assistant

Miss Davies – Learning Support Assistant

Miss Snelson – Learning Support Assistant

Miss Hardy – Learning Support Assistant


Summer Term

Our Summer theme is ‘Courage’ which we will base the children’s learning around. As our school year progresses, we will encourage the children to be courageous, and begin to explore what it means to be brave. 

Our curriculum will be inspired by our Summer Bookshelf which is filled with exciting, high-quality texts. The first text we will read is, ‘Tad’ by Benji Davies. 

We will also read this book, to support us in the exciting next step of our education; starting Reception.  



 Summer Learning at a glance: 

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Developing relationships. Understanding empathy, rules and needs. 


Physical Development 

Developing more complex movements. Fine motor skills. Independence in self-care. 


Communication and Language 

Telling longer stories through Tales Toolkit, building vocabulary, understanding questions and explaining.  



Rhyme, alliteration and syllables. Giving meaning to marks. Understanding the concepts of print. 



Subitising, counting backwards and forwards. Shape and positional language. Noticing and continuing repeated patterns. 


Understanding the World 

Understanding events in my life and in different countries and cultures. Animal and plant life cycles. Understanding forces. 


Expressive Arts and Design 

Musical and movement using instruments. Drawing with increasing detail. Colour mixing.  


Important Information 

  • Wellington boots and waterproof coats will be required daily for outdoor learning and can be left in school. 
  • Important information will be shared through the weekly school Newsletter. 
  • Our team will be available every day before and after school to discuss your child’s day, receive messages and celebrate successes. 
  • Our Class Teachers are always on hand, ready to talk about any questions or queries you may have. 


We have a Pre-School Twitter account @WoodfordPre Please follow us to share in the exciting learning experiences your children are enjoying.

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