Welcome to Reception

Meet the team: 

Mrs Stevenson – Class Teacher 

Mrs Rigg – Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Booth – Learning Support Assistant 

Miss Valenta – Learning Support Assistant 

 Spring Term 

 As we enter our second term, we continue to strive to provide a unique, challenging and inspirational curriculum based on new and memorable experiences. Having got to know your child, we will continue to understand their individual needs and support them in their learning and development as this remains our priority for every child.    

Our Spring Term theme is ‘Hope’ and our learning will be inspired by our Spring Term  Bookshelf. Our wonderful high-quality texts help us celebrate our individuality and spark our imagination.  We will be exploring the theme across a range of areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage and our learning will be underpinned by a variety of learning opportunities.


Spring Learning at a glance 


Reading and Comprehension 

Developing fluency with blending through individual, choral, partner and echo reading. 

Making predictions 

Demonstrating understanding 



Letter formation  

Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s. 

Writing for different purposes 

Developing storytelling and writing using Tales Toolkit 



Subitising, composition and representation of numbers to 10.   

One more, one less to 10.   

Time, capacity, weight, height and length. 


Understanding the World 

Focussed observation of Winter and Spring 

Exploring the natural world 

Celebration of similarities and differences in our local community 

Understanding festivals and special times celebrated 

Compare and contrast life in the past  



Dream Big: Doing our best, Teamwork, Overcoming obstacles, Jobs  

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Calming down, How can I keep safe outside? Eat the Rainbow, Keeping clean – body and teeth, Dealing with dilemmas – getting lost 


Expressive Arts and Design 

Gustav Klimt’s Tree – pattern and exploring colour 

Developing skills with different tools and artistic effects 


Important Information 

  • PE will take place every Monday although this may be subject to change so, please ensure your child always has their PE kit in school. 
  • Your book bag containing your reading books and reading log should be bought to school each day. We remove the Reading record and book each Thursday. Then return the record with a comment and issue a new book and any new red words on a Friday. 
  • Their library book days are: Monday – Citius, Tuesday – Magnus, Wednesday – Altius, Friday – Fortius. Please ensure their library book is in their book bag to be changed on their house team’s day. 
  • We would encourage you to read with your child every day to develop their love for reading. 
  • Mrs Stevenson will be available every day before and after school to talk about any concerns, receive messages and celebrate successes 


 We will regularly be posting insights into the classroom on our class X (formally known as Twitter) account. Please follow @WoodfordRec to see how we are growing in Reception!