For Children’s Mental Health Week, pupils at Woodford Primary School have been learning about what mental health means and how to practice mindfulness.

Throughout the week, Pre-School and Reception discovered fun activities that can bring a sense of calm or happiness.

From dancing to music and practising yoga to drawing and colouring in, pupils found out which activities help them feel relaxed.

In Pre-School, the children tried lots of new and exciting activities.

They listened to the sounds of nature, did some cloud watching, practised some yoga and enjoyed mindfulness colouring.

To top it all off, they even had their own spa day!

In Reception, pupils learned about the important role that exercise can play in maintaining mental health.

The children enjoyed discovering different fun ways to get moving.

They hopped, skipped, and jumped, their way through a circuit of various exercises in the hall.

Later in the week, they had a great time dancing as a group and colouring together.

Reception read the story of Ruby’s Worry┬átogether, learning that a problem shared is a problem halved.

They also listened to a song about feelings and emotions, learning how to identify what they are feeling.

Children’s Mental Health Week is a campaign by Place2BE that launched in 2015.

Supporting children’s mental health is vital to their development and wellbeing.

You can find lots of resources and useful information about mental health for children and for adults on our Family Support and Guidance page.

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