It has been a very busy few weeks at Woodford Primary School this December.

To end a brilliant term, we have wrapped up some of the highlights from the past month!


Woodford Primary School’s First Christmas Production

We were so impressed when the children performed in their Christmas production of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel last week.

Children in reception perform in their Christmas production

They put on a fantastic show for audiences in both their dress rehearsal and final performance and left us all feeling festive!

Pupils win Nativity drawing competition

Pupils from Woodford Primary School had their work featured in December’s edition of the Christ Church Parish Magazine after winning their Nativity drawing competition!


Feeling frosty: learning all about the cold weather

The children in Pre-School noticed the weather is getting much colder.

They had lots of discussions about what we should wear outdoors to keep us warm.

They have also been practicing independently putting on and fastening their own coats – they’re getting really good at it!

The cold weather has meant children across the school have made lots of discoveries!

They explored the different and changing properties of water and ice as they watched water transform before their eyes!

They also felt the crunchy, frozen grass under their feet and discussed why we use salt on our frosty playground.


Christmas Book Shelf

New Christmas books have been enjoyed in Reception’s daily story time sessions.

The books were also a huge hit in the Reading Den and beyond!

It’s a privilege to develop a love for reading in our Reception pupils.


Christmas Jumper Day

We have had such a festive day in our Christmas jumpers!

The children looked fabulous and loved showing their jumpers to one another.


Christmas lunches

The children and staff all enjoyed a freshly prepared Christmas dinner.

They sang Christmas songs, pulled crackers, told some Christmas jokes and tucked into some delicious food.

A huge thank you to Emma our wonderful school chef for making it such a festive lunchtime!


That’s a wrap!

From all of us here at Woodford Primary School, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!